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9 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. eric Post author

    Well, since I’m the author, I’ll start us out…

    YES! I’ve read both books! ;-)

    One of my fav’ characters is Check Airman Holly Innes. She seems cold and unlikeable at first, but we soon find out she’s a very sympathetic character. Throughout the story, she learns and grows as a pilot and an Alaskan, and we learn and grow with her. In the end, she is instrumental in SEAS’ survival. Hard-nosed FAA Inspector Frederick Bruner is Holly times ten, but in the end is key as well.

    For me, one of the defining moments of the book comes when DC watches an eagle fly straight over their heads, holding a freshly-caught salmon in its talons. DC says, “I’ll take that as an omen!” To which Ralph replies, “Yeah. But are you the eagle, or the salmon?” To me, that is one of the central themes of the novel.

    Also, the hijacking of the planeload of bears seems all fun and games, but it really points to one of the central themes as well: that of the crippling red tape of civilization suffocating one of the last free frontiers.

    To see my “dream Hollywood cast” for the movie version, check out my blog post: HERE!

    As for Code Name: Dodger, I absolutely love Justin. He’s small but determined, tough but tender, streetwise but naive, bullheaded enough to get himself into pickles, but smart enough to figure his way out. He’s a very conflicted, complex character, and I truly delight in writing his stories. Right now I’m knee-deep in the sequel, “Cartel Kidnapping,” and this kid continues to surprise me!

    I hope all of you delight every bit as much as I do in the reading of these books!

    Eric Auxier

  2. Julie Theriot

    Want to go on a “Real” adventure……join in with Capt’n Eric Auxier….here in his second novel…….”The Last Bush Pilots”……….where the phrase “Flying by the seat of your pant”……..surely came from the bush “Pilot” themselves….where flying by the seat of ‘said’ pants…….means…….your just below the low cloud deck……….and just above the tree tops……..!!…..along with the flight gages……it may be ….trusting your intuition….more………along with the gauges…..kinda gives knew meaning……..”Under the legal limit’ as it pertains…
    flying many times….at tree tops…!!
    And as one of the main characters,Ralph asks DC…as they watch an Eagle fly overhead…….with a salmon…….in its talons……he is asked if he is more like the eagle or more like the salmon…or more than likely the eagle……as Eagles fly the same tree tops…….as bush pilots do……….at times…perhaps take a few lessons…..from them…??!!
    And the adventures …..learned while ground bound……as well……as life can sometimes…..bring way more ‘turbulence’ ……..this story has both…..and I truly recommend it….to all that……want to perhaps, clip the tops of trees…flying vicariously through…..these bush pilots… won’t be disappointed !!
    misswtwa/getjets/Julie Theriot

  3. Mary Ann

    A very beautiful book…
    The landscape, story, its twists and turns, each character and their interesting lives, made it all for a read that left me smiling all the way through the last page.
    Captivated by all the women in this book.
    Tonya .. strong, sassy, confident woman. Who gets what she wants and plays with men’s heart. Deep down, yearns for true love..
    Stephanie..The ever faithful GF. Possesses great strength. Pursues the desires of her heart, yet uncompromising for what she believes is best for herself.
    Holly..the hardened woman. Redeems and reaches her life goals. Makes every effort to seal her heart shut. Yet she learns to give her heart key to someone as complicated and hardened as she.
    A very astute and sensitive portrayal that we women can can totally relate and understand.
    Sheer Brilliance!!!
    -Mary Ann

    1. Eric Post author

      Thank you so much, Mary Ann!
      Even though writing the opposite sex can be an extra challenge for any writer, I believe I was able to realistically capture those female characters and their stories. The key for me is to write in such a way that I feel empathy,and really identify with them. That goes for every rounded character, for that matter!

  4. P Rock

    The Last Bush Pilots
    Exciting! Uplifting! And I’m reading it again!
    When is your next book coming out, Eric Auxier? I will be first in line to buy it.

  5. Shrey Chopra

    It is a great book!
    Just getting your hands on it is a delight. The amount of detail given to this book is tremendous. Every chapter in this book gets exciting and we read it. I’m really excited to finish this book and once have the time and money, buy Codename:Dodger . Im really speechless about this book, cus Im in love with it which is why I cant write too long LOL. Its a great book and a must read! Keep it up man! Happy Wings!

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